I can feel you side-eyeing me….it’s the opposite of everything you’ve been taught, but stay with me. I promise this will end well.

Dinner can be a fun experience. All it takes is some imagination. And with what I’m about to show you, they’ll likely never give you another problem about eating. In fact, I will go so far to say that they will look forward to sitting at that table with you.

So let’s dig in!🥦🥔🥩

You’re going to make meatloaf mountain, mashed potato clouds, and broccoli or asparagus trees. Once that’s done, then you’re going to explain the rules to your kids.

Here are the rules:

  • Each child spends 60 seconds creating a scene using each food on their plate. The type of scene they create will be predetermined by you. 
  • They have to use their hands to build the scene. 
  • Once the 60 seconds is up, you will try to guess what the scene is. You get three guesses. If there is more than one child, then the other children get a turn trying to guess what the scene is.
  • Once every child takes a turn, they will all take one bite of each food group on the plate.
  • The next round, the children will create an object with the food left on their plate. The game will continue to take the same steps as before. The number of rounds is determined by how much food is left on their plate. When the plate is empty, the game is over.

You could do a point system or modify it as you see fit. The game encourages imagination, play and a focus on slowing down and experiencing their food.

Expect it to get messy and encourage that mess!

Mom and dad should play the game with the kids and they should see you both getting your hands “dirty.”

Try it and tell me how it goes. Make it a family dinner game night tradition and take pictures during the game so you can add it to your album.

Hope you have tons of fun with your little one!